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ind Farms Reserve was founded in December of 2016 on the simple principles of love and passion for the cannabis plant. We love what we do! Quality is at the forefront of our vision. We’ve literally spent thousands of hours working on our craft. From our gung-ho early grows to our current modern sprawling facilities, we use our experiences and science to dial-in the best environment and nutrients, all in search of the best quality for you. 

Our devotion and dedication to the plant shows in our line of premium, hand-crafted Medical and Recreational Cannabis products.


we love what we do


We pride ourselves on having clean, fresh cannabis and cannabis products from across the wonderful state of Maine. We’re voracious phenotype hunters, and genetics form the core of our cannabis passion. We’re proud to showcase our hard to find and rare strains! We also have an ever-growing edible selection, and a dynamite lineup of hand curated concentrates and extracts.



At Kind Farms Reserve, we’re guided by the following principles:

People First

We put people first in all that we do. We create a safe, informative, and respectful experience for you!

Unmatched Quality

We follow the highest standards of cannabis cultivation possible to provide high-quality medical and recreational cannabis products.

Community Focus

We’re out in the community giving back in every way we can! At Kind Farms Reserve people can feel comfortable, informed, and heard.

Maine Reverence

We’re a proud local business that honors the people and the beauty of Maine. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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Here’s the Latest

August 20, 2022

New Product Drop!

Experience the true essence of cannabis with our full-spectrum hash rosin disposable vape pens! Enjoy the convenience and portability of our potent disposables. Vape on the go and elevate your cannabis experience! 

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